Welcome to the Cincinnati Fire Museum

  • Call us: 513.621.5553
  • E-mail us : info@cincyfiremuseum.com
  • Call us: 513.621.5553
  • Mail US : info@cincyfiremuseum.com
  • 315 West Court Street,
    Cincinnati, OH 45202

  • Tues - Sat 10AM - 4PM
    Closed Sunday & Monday

Staff & Volunteers

Fire Museum Staff

Executive Director

Sarah Strickland

Office: 513-621-5553



A Message from the Executive Director


Welcome to the Cincinnati Fire Museum website—I hope it will entice you to visit us. Cincinnati is the birthplace of professional firefighting, dating back to 1853, and the museum houses one of the best collections of firefighting artifacts and the most comprehensive history of firefighting in the United States.


Staying true to our mission, we honor our heroes, and save lives through educating our children about fire safety. We are about to start construction of a state-of-the-art Safe House which will engage and teach children, and adults alike, how to identify, and rectify, fire hazards in their home—and how to escape their home safely in the event of a fire. We hope you will help support our Safe House endeavor through donating on the website and/or visiting the museum.


While here, be sure to check out our gift shop, home to dozens of Cincinnati Fire Museum clothing, toys, books and more. Many of these items can be purchased at our online Museum Shop.


The Museum offers Event Space that can be rented for private corporate or private functions: meetings, parties, celebrations – we also specialize in Junior Firefighter Birthday Parties.


We hope you will visit our Museum that honors our heroes, and saves lives.

Front Desk
Alice Wize


Museum Office: 513.621.5553

Fire Museum Volunteers


The heart and soul of the Cincinnati Fire Museum lies in our dedicated volunteers & firefighters, who conduct our children’s fire safety tours and convey the history of Greater Cincinnati’s bravest to visitors from all over the world. If you have a question during your visit, don’t be afraid to ask.

Brian Doering
Active Firefighter (U03)
Cincinnati Fire Dept (M46)

Larry Cappel
Retired Covington Firefighter
Fire Prevention Specialist

Bill Doss
Active Firefighter (U03)
Miami Twp Clermont Cty

Ashley L. Ford
1st Person History (M.Greenwood)

Eric McCarthy
Active Fire FAO (U02)
Cincinnati Fire Dept (E24)

Charles Riefle
Active Firefighter (U01)
Cincinnati Fire Dept (E35)

Jeffrey M. Tyree
Active Firefighter (U02)
Cincinnati Fire Dept (T35)

Monday Morning Crew

Bob Blasing

Retired Cincinnati Fire FAO

Bill DeRemer

Retired Cincinnati Firefighter

Chuck Klahm

Retired Cincinnati Fire Lieutenant

Dan Fricke
Retired Woodlawn Firefighter

Bill Brown
Board of Trustee’s