Your class will be greeted at the front door by a trained fire safety guide. Then, your class will be led to the second-floor assembly room or lower-level theater to watch a short cartoon about fire safety. Next, the history of Cincinnati’s early firefighting days will come to life for the children! They can:

  • Participate in a hands-on bucket brigade.
  • Operate a model Hunneman hand pumper.
  • Watch a large antique steam pumper as it is pulled by horses when summoned by a real fire bell.
  • Flash the lights and “drive” to a fire—all in a modern fire engine.
  • Slide down a real fire pole.
  • Visit the Safe House, where children are taught many fire-safety tips and learn that firefighters are our friends.

Our trained fire-safety guides want to educate as many children as possible about the importance of fire safety. You can help save a life or prevent serious injury by bringing your class to the Cincinnati Fire Museum. You truly can make this field trip a life-saving one! After the visit, children are encouraged to sit down with their families to figure out an emergency exit plan in case they ever find themselves to be fire victims.

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