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  • Call us: 513.621.5553
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The Safe House Fundraising Campaign

The Cincinnati Fire Museum’s Safe House exhibit is in need of an update to better serve our visitors and make a stronger impact on our community. Our goal is to renovate the existing Safe House and incorporate technology for a dynamic, modern exhibit that will resonate strongly with visitors, especially children. With four donation options available, anyone can help take part in saving lives through education

About the Safe House

The Cincinnati Fire Museum, in conjunction with the Cincinnati Fire Department, operates a word-class fire safety education program designed to teach participants how to prevent fires within The Safe House and how to protect themselves and escape should a fire occur. In each room, various fire and burn hazards are demonstrated and explanations are offered as to how each can cause a fire and what can be done to precent it.

Learn Key Fire Safety Tips

The Safe House is one of the most important exhibits in the Cincinnati Fire Museum. As a visitor, you will experience the true danger of fire in your home. In this hands-on exhibit, you will learn fire-prevention tips and advice to help you safely escape if your home does not catch on fire. You’ll discover the importance of sitting down with your family and creating an escape plan that you can practice at least three times per year.

What Can You Do Today?
• Sit down with your family and create a step-by-step emergency escape plan to execute if your home catches on fire.
• Draw a diagram of your home. Plan at least two exits from each room, especially the bedrooms. It is important to have several escape routes in case some routes are blocked by fire.
• Choose a place outside for everyone to safely meet. Then, locate the fire-alarm box or neighbor’s phone so you can quickly call the fire department. Discuss with your family the importance of staying outside once you are safely out of your home.
• Install smoke detectors throughout your home. If one goes off, be sure to put your emergency plan into effect right away.
• Keep in mind that elderly people or people with disabilities might require special arrangements for a safe and quick exit. Call your fire department today—firefighters can help you make a secure escape plan for elderly people or people with disabilities.