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  • Call us: 513.621.5553
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In Memorium

As we all watched fire ravage thousands of acres of California and cause thousands of families to become homeless, we are reminded that fire is always on the fringe of our lives.   


For decades, the Cincinnati Fire Museum has highlighted the history of firefighting, providing exhibits that showcase the drama of fire and the valor of firefighters who worked to save and protect us. The Museum features rare and extensive exhibits, and our Safe House—a hands-on educational tool which depicts the true danger of fire in your home, how to prevent fires, and teach families how to deal with and escape fires at home. We plan to refurbish our Safe House in 2019, making it more interactive, technologically advanced, and inspiring to children. 


You made a gift to the Museum to honor the legacy your loved one, who clearly was associated with the firefighting world and would have supported the mission of the Cincinnati Fire Museum.


Donation in Memory of Ralph Stelter

Charles/Deborah Etienne

Richard Koeniger

Mike & Shirley McKenna

John Stelter Family

Antique Apparatus

Steve Hagy

Vicki & Howard Gentler

Tom & Cheryl Stelter

Donation in Memory of Kenneth Grebe Sr. 

Terry/Michelle Lyons

Sean Owens

Anita L Freeman

Lawrence Klingenbeck

William Lack

Nancy Burns

Margaret Jung

Eileen Beyer

Jerry & Joan Krauser

Ms. Nedra Swanagan

Edward Hayhow Jr.

Thomas & Julie Clyde

Carolyn Jamison

Mike & Shirley

Matthew & Sarah Graber

David & Gay Reinhart


Jane & Earl Jostworth

John & Susan Noelcke

Diane Sandmann

Helen Forrester

Joyce Gordon

Donald & Joy Dickinson

Babs & James Humbert

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Henry

Ms. Priscilla Kist

Patricia Trusdell

Sam & Donna Peterson

Arlene & Mike Hines

Kenny Grebe Jr.

Mrs. Marian F Sounders

Erin & Billy Gleason

Angela K Gray

Frank & Sally Scigliulo

Donation in Memory of Darryl Gordon 

Moore Development Strategies, LLC

Donation in Memory of Robert D Warmoth 

John & Penny Brady

Donation in Memory of Rees

Pat & Bob Bee

Donation in Memory of Joseph Voss 

Norman Thomas

David Reichert

Linda Phillips

Sarah Weiss

Edward Hayhow Jr

Thomas J Klett

Rosemary Guethlein

Ruth C Schott

Barbara Streckfuss

Ralph Visconti

Tom Enghauser

Barbara Rinto

Jerry Lawson


Kathy Blome

Barbara Lockard

Porter Wright Morris & Arthur Michael

Karla Burtch

Thomas & Sally Cuni

Police & Fire Retirees of Ohio, Inc.

Nancy Barnes & Pat Padgett

Michael Kappa

Kathy Hamm TTEE

Mr. Mrs. Ernst H Macke

Donation in Memory of Evangelyn Blasing

Helen Forrester

Thomas & Jeanne Hayden

Hardy Foundation

Mindy Caldwell

Wayne & Joyce Cole

Stephanie Paolucci

Paul Veid

Dale & Marlene Bosse

Weber Dental Lab

Parking Co. America

Minnie Mehuron

Mary Kacaba

John & Peggy Wintz


Bill & Jenny DeRemer

Larry & Donna Cole

Dennis Sauer

Ruth M Himes

Donation in Memory of Susan Brown Memorial 

Robert Wuerdeman

Donation in Memory of Josephine Moreton

Patricia Ritter

Cynthia Riley

Cathy Hover

Fire Retirees of Greater Cincinnati, Inc

Sharon J Mitchell

Ann Moreton

Debbie & Paul Goins

Susan Mazzeo

Donation in memory of Walter Kruer

Jean Noll

Sarah Clarke Hanna

Eileen Coyle

Robert & Kathy Carrde

George B Coyle

Samuel & Donna Peterson

Retired Firefighters Gold League

Harry Goetz

Glenda A Haller

Ralph or Cheryl Schey

John V Marshall

Mr. Mrs. Gary Goins

Mary Labbe Bell

Walter Kruer Family

Anderson Fire Department

Donation in Memory of Charles E. Lenhart 

James, Jamie, Carolyn Armstrong

David, Toni Eyrich

Pat, Ted Segbers

Jeanne Bitter

Gregory, Ann & Family Cain

Paul, Jill Staubitz

Jerome Riga

A.P. & Sally Rosiello

James, Elizabeth Wood


Marge, Darlene Engel

James, Patricia Neinaber

Joyce Walters

Thomas, Patricia Kroth

Thomas, Kathy Dietz


Joanne Riga

Peggy Lenhart

Gregory, Lauren Luken

Donation in Memory of Ida M. Estep 

Kim Northing

Donation in Memory of T Lustenberger

Tom & Jackie Wagner

Thomas Clark

Bradley Miller

Thomas Klett

Joe & Andrea Doerger

Jos & Maureen

Paula Corner

Tom & Jackie

Kevin Tuchfarber

Gary Byrd

Gary Budd

Terrance Baker

Thomas & Jacqueline

Mike & Debbie Galarde

Dave & Coleen Kirkelbach

Anna Ludwig

Judith Reilman

Randy & Carol Ludwig

Terrance MOnnie

Bob & Janet Scherpenberg

Matthew & Michelle Stenger

Nick Hodges

Russ & Jane Stone

Don Yelton & Ann Saluke

David & Vickie Doerger

Charles & Karen Meyer

David & Antoinette Vogelpohl

Andrew & Jennifer Barry

Janet Gates

Shelia Hall

James & Susan Rodd

Mary J Pagano

Christopher & Lori Knorr

Bernard & Sue Winger

Cheviot Fire Department ~ Robert Klein/Co

Green Township ~ Firefighters IAFF

Michael & Lynne Archdeacon

James & Christine Bissell

Donna J Peterson

Karen Olberding

Walter & Mary Ann Feige

Donation in Memory of Carl Murray

Donna J Peterson

Donation in Memory of Ivan P King Sr

Samuel, Donna Peterson

Donation in Memory of Jack C. Malott / daughter 

Cheryl L, James Holly

Jack Mallott